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Art projects you will love

Recently, since art is being pushed by the fast growth of internet and the online world, art enthusiasts from all around the world, and because of that also from Holland, started many projects and initiatives to bring art and music back into our lives. The start is always hard, but the hard times for art and mankind are first coming if the younger generations grow without real art and real music.

In Holland there is an interesting art project called The Holland Project or just RENO. It was started by young people who live there and who love art and want to engage other younger people into art. Their main goals are to create an art access that will be available for everyone and they want to do the same for music. Members of RENO also want to organize diverse art workshops, get the community involved in all of that and encourage as much art collaborations as possible.

The new ways of art

One more interesting way to get people interested into art and to make those ones who already can see its beauty want to bring more people with them in the world of art and share their passion with them, is the Holland Tunnel Gallery. It was built in 1997 and is a collection of all kinds of visual art pieces that each have their own history and story.

Pumpkinfest 2015 Avenue Art takes place in Holland in early October, every year. It is an art festival for both amateur and professional artists but also people who are experts when it comes to art and those who have only heard about Mona Lisa. This festival will get you interested in art, you will see, because you won't be able to see so much different art in such a small place.