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Introduction to the world of art

Visual arts are those forms of art that include everything beautiful to the eye, objects and things that can be seen. As such they have a wide range of materials, forms, shapes, textures and colors to use in order to express what the artist wants to say. Besides visual arts, there is also music, performing arts, film and many other forms of art.

Paintings are the most used way to express emotions and thoughts through visual arts, the artists place them on a board, fabric or wood. The well known and most famous painter from Holland would be Vincent van Gogh, who is also one of the biggest painters of all time. He knew how to show everything that can be shown through art, and that is pretty much everything we can imagine, on an interesting and new way, with shapes, lines and compositions made out of little structural pieces. Van Gogh knew also how to put his story in every single move, placing so an unique and valuable mark on his overall existence.

Beside him there are also a few other painters that can introduce you to the world of art on a specific, interesting and special way. One of them would be Leonardo da Vinci, who lived before Gogh and had a totally different storyline and life. He was a universal genius in almost every field there was in his period of living, but the most famous thing he left on this world is the famous painting called Mona Lisa. Fun fact: it is believed that he did not manage to finish drawing her lips for twelve long years. Many people would give a lot to just know why she was so important to him.

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso is considered to be the best painter of all time, although, for many people, his paintings are not beautiful nor understandable at all. You must have seen at least one of his women that don't look like that at all.