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KunstenaarsLogies provides visual artists, writers, theatre makers, musicians with an opportunity to live and work in Amersfoort, Holland. The purpose is to support international artist exchange as a means to contribute to developing local art and cultural life. Participants are expected to cover the costs of living; the residence itself and a studio (if required) are provided by KunstenaarsLogies. KunstenaarsLogies will also provide all the necessary support to make your time in Amersfoort fruitful and enjoyable. This program is managed on a not-for-profit basis by KunstenaarsLogies.

Zdravko Horvat - Anti Conversation Drill (Work In Progress)

The reality show Big Brother has engrossed my attention whit ability to turn banal everyday event into trivial happening, transforming viewers into voyeurs and participants into exhibitionists, impulsive automatic speech of mediocre men, breakdown of communication when words are striped of there meaning. I am manipulating fragments of the show in a mounting, deconstruct language and reconstruct it in a new way with dislocating images in order to confuse viewer which expects one static image.

Maja Rozman - in between

In between explores the idea of the imaginary place, a place which is experienced by the immigrantes which are seeking a new life in other countries/cultures, but still carrying a shadow of their native country/culture. The drawings are inspired by the text extracted from the conversation about the in between thus re-evaluating memories and inquiring our perception of places and borders.

Admire art in Amersfoort, Holland

Love, power, freedom, creativity, hate, sadness, beauty and time - all that is art, in different forms, shapes, colors and techniques it can be both a weapon and medicine for the heart and soul. It has shaped and will continue shaping our lives and our planet, making it a better, more interesting and worthy place of living. But despite it's all around us and everyone has all the possibilities there can be to practice and enjoy it, there are some places where it hit the ground and people a little harder and has gone a little deeper in peoples' minds.

If you take a look around you, you will see that art is everywhere, on your clothing, in your house, on the street, in nature and even in you. People who realize that and find out a way to turn that artistic energy into form and shape and present it to other peoples' eyes and ears, become artists.

When speaking art, many people imagine paintings, sculptures, maybe some imagine music also, but there are much more forms and types of art. There are only a few places where you can really enjoy them all, and one of those is Holland, the land of windmills, tulips and art.

Art trips in Holland

Somehow Holland seems to be an artwork itself, shaped by the water and hard working people, that don't have time for and6.com, it soon became the land of many beautiful things and one of those is art. As the home of Van Gogh, Holland has many galleries and museums that present art to the public eye and give people an opportunity to see what are the greatest achievements of mankind.

Making your trip to Holland an art trip is not hard, because art is everywhere, but making it an amazing art trip is a little harder than you may think. But to help you with that, here are a few art galleries, museums and places you should not miss to visit. Visiting the Van Gogh Museum while spending time in Holland is inevitable, the explanation is given within its name. There you can experience the beautiful artwork, interesting letters and learn more about the life of this amazing artist and real mastermind. This museum is located in Amsterdam, as well as the following one. Rijksmuseum is also a place of art, but in a much older building and with much more interesting architecture and with old but also modern pieces of art. This museum offers you the possibility to see some of the greatest masterworks of art from the Middle Ages all the way to the 20th century.

But if you want to experience a little city of art and not just a museum, than you will have to go just a little south west from Amsterdam. It is a small city with a long history and interesting art venues that you will want to visit for sure. Amersfoort is its name and it has just a few galleries, but the whole city is an artwork, you will see why when you see it the first time. Make sure to visit Kunsthal KaDE, ART Dentists and the Amersfoort Art Gallery where you can not only watch and enjoy art but also buy some.